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5 Reasons Hospitality Employment Is a Career — Not Just a Job

ReceptionistBy now, you’ve heard all the buzzwords and phrases surrounding the world of finding employment: “job market,” “job applications,” “interviews,” “job offer,” and more. Everyone seems to have never-ending archives of advice on how to land your “dream job.”

What about your dream career? More than ever, young adults entering the workforce are finding meaningful, long-term careers in the vast and quickly expanding areas of hospitality. What makes this industry such a hot choice for those looking for more than “just a job?”

  1. Long-term employment
    Whether you are hoping to be employed by a locally owned hotel or an international resort, working in the hospitality industry garners long-term career benefits. Some employees remain with the same company for some years, rising amongst the ranks, while others work for a number of different organisations before finding the right fit. Either way, once you’re “in,” the potential to stay in is high.
  2. Reputation-building opportunities
    Hospitality is typically a close-knit industry, so good work in one area or with one company has potential to give you exposure across a number of different locations. Identify a superior who would make a good mentor, and you’re in a great position to take advantage of the vast array of networking opportunities that can catapult your career forward.
  3. Skills development
    Cross-training is beneficial for both employers and employees. It ensures that employers can adjust their staff as needed to fill in temporary or long term position vacancies, and offers employees additional skill sets to make them more marketable career candidates.
  4. Personal career satisfaction
    While hospitality can offer “jobs” for those looking for some quick cash, it has far more to offer those who are looking for fulfillment. If you want to do work you can be proud of, just about any sub-category of the industry provides the opportunity to deliver top-notch customer and management services.
  5. High earning potential
    Unlike many other industries, hospitality is known for promoting from within and requiring entry-level skills from those placed in management roles. Since management is one of the highest-paying positions in hospitality, this is especially true of reception and front-of-house positions. If high earning potential is on your list of priorities, you’re in the right place.

How do you prove to your current or future employer that you’re in the market for a career, rather than a job? This is where Reception Academy can make the biggest difference. Our 4-week Hotel Receptionist course is the best starting point. Be sure to get to know your classmates and work closely with your instructors — they are available to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable and confident as you enter your new career or build upon your existing one.

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